Membership Requirements

All participants must be intermediate level skiers who are willing to make the effort to improve their skiing and be able to function independently in the winter environment. Participants are required to abide by the Whitetail Ski Team and USSA codes of conduct as well as the Skier’s Responsibility Code.

  • Racer must be 8 years old.
  • Racer must be self sufficient.
    • able to get on the lift without any assistance
    • go to restroom by themselves
    • able to ski by themselves
    • etc…
  • Racer must abide by Skier Responsibility Code rules.
  • Parents must donate time to help in the tasks necessary to run the club.
  • All club members must be a member of USSA.
  • Racer must be a member of USSA.
  • Racer must be a member of PARA in order to participate in Derby events.
  • Racer must have a valid Ski Pass for all practice days.
  • Racer must have helmet to participate in all races and for practices.
  • Racer should have own ski equipment. (skis, bindings, poles, and everything else needed for a day of skiing)