Weekend Practice Dec 20/21 at Whitetail

December 19, 2014

Racer Families,

Thank you to those you came to our meet and greet event to our "Race Competition Center" on Sunday.  The Center clearly needs a major face lift/replacement and your raffle ticket purchases go towards that fundraising goal.
As mentioned on Sunday, we are looking for a volunteer who would be able to secure sponsors for our GS race at Whitetail in late January next year (in a month!) and help to design a t-shirt for racers with the sponsor logos. 
Weekend Practices:
Weekend practices at Whitetail on Saturday & Sunday ;
U14 - U21 from 8:30 am to 1 pm
U10 - U12 from 9:00 am to 1 pm
Groups will meet at the yellow snow gun in the mixing bowl and should be ready to load the lift at the start of their respective practices.
If you are a member of U10 - U12 group and are on the mountain before your practice, we encourage you to take a run or two before 9:00 am rather than to just wait in the mixing bowl for your practice.
Bring your rock skis.  We will ski on the same snow (or less) as last weekend.  While we anticipate the coverage to be good, there are likely still some thin spots.
No need to chin guards (please take them off) or any protective gear as we will not be setting any gates.
Helmets should be secured firmly and the chin strap needs to be under the chin. Remember Dan's story from the pre-season meeting about sitting on the seat belt or hitting the head on a loose helmet?  You get the point.
Spirit/Team Gear
The order is in for the first order and get be picked up in the race trailer this weekend.  If you cannot make it and would like to find an alternative for a pick up, please contact Mark Clem at  [email protected].  We will be placing another order on Dec 22nd.  If you're interested in participating please contact Mark.
See you on this weekend.
Think cold!
Dan & Jan & Geoff